Wizard of Id Team

“I was fortunate
to spend 20 years
learning from my father and John Hart. It’s all about seeing the humor in life.”
Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker was born in Endicott, NY in 1958. A year later his family moved to Virginia and in 1964, Wizard of ID was launched with his father, Brant Parker, as the artist.

Jeff grew up around the cartoon strip and all of its characters. Throughout high school and college he drew pictures of the Wizard characters for fun but his real training didn’t begin until 1987 when his father asked him to work alongside him in the studio. He began co-writing and drawing the strip full time in 1997 after his father’s retirement.

Jeff works with his wife Nicola in their home studio in Virginia.

Nicola Parker
Nicola Parker received her degree from SUNY Stony Brook in 1982. She has worked for over 20 years as an illustrator and computer graphic designer. She met Jeff Parker and began working on Wizard of Id in 1991.

Nicola works at both the draft table and the computer preparing the art for finished production. She works with her husband, Jeff Parker, in their home studio in Virginia.

Mick Mastroianni
Mick chooses, edits and writes Wizard of Id gags and sends them to Jeff and Nicola Parker. In addition, Mick has created his own comic strip, The Dogs of C-Kennel, with Mason as co-producer.

Mason Mastroianni
Mason works with Mick choosing and making the final edits to the Wizard of Id gags before they are sent to Jeff and Nicola Parker. Mason also co-produces The Dogs of C-Kennel with Mick.