One thought on “Friday April 21, 2017

  1. Paul M. Thayer

    The platypus is a very successful creature, and proof that the Creator has a sense of humor. According to my understanding, the platypus — in various configurations — has been around this planet for one hundred and seventy million years, more or less. The mother platypus lays eggs and nurses her young with milk while the father has venous claws on his back feet for fighting with his rivals. The platypus lives in a burrow in a stream bank in Australia, and swims underwater with his eyes shut. Apparently, his bill generates an electrical field which serves as a sixth sense to guide him to the freshwater shrimp on which he feeds voraciously. The platypus is meek and prefers to stay out of sight. He also is a walking example of indecision, having the inner anatomy of a reptile and the bill of a duck, as well as the fur and milk of a mammal. That he can serve as the subject of a gag is just his latest achievement. 😉

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