We apologize.

Many fans were offended by the B.C. strip which appeared in 7/21/09 newspapers. Upon further reflection, we agree.
We do not condone the mistreatment of animals in any way and we’re sorry that readers found the strip distasteful.

Here are a few excerpts from the letters we’ve received:
In addition to being in very poor taste, you need to remember that children read your cartoons and they are very impressionable.
Perry, Georgia
I almost always enjoy your comic but Tues 7/21, NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!
Falls Church, Virginia
Thank you for the retraction and apology, although it’s sad that this strip was ever submitted to be distributed.
I found your Tuesday, July 21, B.C. strip extremely distressing. How can a cartoon make light (no pun intended) of pouring kerosene on a dog?
Shreveport, Louisiana
Dear Jessica, Diane, John, Katherine and everyone else who wrote to us,
Thank you for calling us out on this, we appreciate your feedback.

All of us here found today’s ‘kerosene’ strip quite funny. Oh, and we’re all animal lovers/owners and would never think of hurting one.
People need to just get over themselves.
Akron, Ohio
Denny, Thanks for your support.

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