Mason’s Artist Page on Facebook

In November 2016, after years of putting it off, Mason finally started an artist page on Facebook.

Mason says, “For whatever reason, I hadn’t thought much about having a social media presence; it seemed a bit redundant since we already have pages for B.C., Wizard of Id and Dogs of C-Kennel. Besides, I wasn’t sure if anyone would care to follow it; people who read newspapers today probably don’t spend a ton of time on social media. On top of that, I hadn’t exactly known how to use Facebook for anything other than goofy anecdotes and political rants – to be honest, I still kinda don’t.”

Mason's Art!

Some samples of art from Mason’s page.

Despite his hesitation, Mason’s page has crossed 40,000 likes. He tried some ads and they helped. But mostly, it seems to be driven the old-fashioned way.

“I post almost daily, mainly items related to the strips with interspersed behind-the-scenes type stuff, along with other art, writing, and (presumably) pithy witticisms. I throw in a strip itself from time to time, careful not to compete with our other public pages. It all seems to be working. At least, I think it is; I have no clue what sort of growth is considered ‘good.’ If the current rate continues, I’m likely to have over 100K followers by the end of the year. I have several friends who have millions so I’m not sure if this is a huge deal yet. I guess I’m excited to learn. The lesson: try new stuff. I guess. Or maybe the lesson is that social media is the future. Whatever. I’m just happy I’m able to do something on social media that doesn’t involve politics or kitten videos.”

Check out Mason’s page!


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