The ‘dogs’ are dealing with a Facebook dilemma.


Dogs of C-Kennel
John Hart Studios
Nineveh, NY

Facebook censors nationally syndicated comic strip as algorithms misidentify cartoon dog as “sexually inappropriate”

“Dogs of C-Kennel” creator and writer Mick Mastroianni was confused, frustrated and mildly entertained at the idea that his ragtag ensemble of illustrated canine misfits would be singled out and removed from Facebook for being “sexually inappropriate.”

The New York native first conceptualized the comic in 2006. In 2007, Mastroianni’s brother, Mason Mastroianni, joined the strip as cartoonist when he returned to John Hart Studios to draw renowned caveman strip “B.C.” following the passing of Mastroiannis’ grandfather, cartoonist Johnny Hart. “Dogs of C-Kennel” joined Creators Syndicate in 2010 as an offering for newspapers around the country.

In 11 years of syndication, it has never been suggested that ‘the dogs’ are anything other than available for adoption; however, thanks to what seems to be misfiring Facebook algorithms, Mastroianni has received a 24-hour ban, followed by a 3-day ban, from posting content to the popular social media platform. Mastroianni has temporarily unpublished the official page for the comic strip to avoid being permanently banned from the platform. Mastroianni hopes to republish the page in the near future. Until such time, he asks that fans write their local papers to request the addition of “Dogs of C-Kennel,” or subscribe to view the strip on

“Dogs of C-Kennel” is one of three syndicated strips Mastroianni writes and publishes with his cartoonist brother Mason Mastroianni, mom Patti Hart, and aunt Perri Hart. The family team is also responsible for legacy strips “B.C.” and “Wizard of Id.” “Dogs of C-Kennel,” which promotes adopting from your local animal shelter, can be found in 30 newspapers around the country, as well as on by subscription. It has never before been flagged for sexually explicit content by any editorial process.


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